Dikshant Samaroh in Sarlahi

Dikshant Samaroh Program has been successfully in Sarlahi at Barathwa Na.Pa. While participating in the program organized by the Municipal Committee to congratulate and wish the patrons and heads of the Nepal Scout Barhathwa Municipality. Patron Kalpana Katuwal, Chief Ram Vavu Sah and Administrative Chief Madan Thapa were briefed about the scouting activities and future strategy in the city.

Participants of Hazaria Scout Troop Mukteshwar Scout Troop Kiran Yadav, unit chief of Haripurwa Scout Troop, said that the Scouting Movement would help the students to learn practical knowledge along with the textbook knowledge of the school. At the event, medals were awarded by the Nepal Scout National Headquarters to volunteers who were deployed in dangerous conditions during the 19th century.